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Present since 1940, the concept we have adopted, “mystery shopping” or “mystery guest” is a tool for measuring or evaluating the employees and the services that you provide.

objective evaluation

The intermediary companies acting as Mystery Guest are very in demand due to the versatility of the idea, which can be applied to any industry, from retail shops, to hotels, restaurants, coffee shops etc.

result-based service

We shall analyse the employees’ kindness and professionalism, the quality of the food, the way and quickness of the service and any other aspects considered as relevant for your business location.

focused on the objective

The results of the evaluation are the feedback you need for making the necessary improvements right where they are needed, saving effort and precious time.

HoReCa specialists

Mystery Guest is the only company specialised in hospitality, having as contributors specialists with top positions in the HoReCa industry and whose experience and confirmed results can bring added value for your company.

There is nothing simpler.

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professional services
for evaluating employees’ activity

The services we provide via the Mystery Guest programme are in fact tailor-made solutions according to the targeted location, while the objective results are guaranteed. Consequently, we help you to maintain guest retention at a high level, with minimum efforts and constant profit. Satisfied guests will always come back, knowing they will benefit from professional services and a positive attitude from the employees.

The analysis of the services is generally done for, but not only:

  • Booking services
  • Front desk
  • Kindness of the employees towards the guests
  • The way the employees carry out their activity
  • Information on the staff’s knowledge
  • Service quality
  • Cleanliness of the interior of the location
  • Service quickness
  • Product quality
  • The positioning of the location on the market
  • Increase of the product and services quality
  • Collection of the bills

Why choose Mystery Guest?

The Mystery Guest contributors are specialised in HoReCa and they know exactly what to monitor during the “mystery visit” at the restaurant, hotel, coffee shop or any other location chosen for evaluation. Moreover, the mystery guest is used to respecting a defined scenario, step by step, without revealing the real purpose. He or she acts as a regular guest, yet observing and keeping in mind all the necessary details, from the employees’ behaviour from welcoming up to cashing the bill, thus the entire service process in the hospitality sector being carefully supervised. The ideal Mystery Guest is a person who, depending on the registered observations, can draft a detailed report, especially an objective one, so that based on the analysis of the collected information he or she could provide the necessary feedback and recommendations for service improvement, where the case.

Which departments are directly involved in a Mystery Guest cooperation?

Mainly, the representatives of the following departments HR, Customer Care, Sales, Marketing, Quality or Training are directly involved in the Mystery Guest project. They can contribute to establishing the evaluation objectives based on the information they have on the employees and they are also the beneficiaries of the feedback report resulting from the evaluation process.

Is there a standard scenario for the Mystery Guest activity?

No, there is not. First of all, it depends on the location and on the evaluation project established by the employer and the Mystery Guest company. The scenario can target either the employees’ behavior and the professionalism, or the technique of the services, the display of the products and of the location, separately or altogether. Out of the same reason, there can be a different number of visits commonly agreed, with a similar or different scenario for each visit.

To what extent the Mystery Guest service ensures guest retention?

In a large extent! Correcting and improving or just rewarding certain excellent professional behaviour resulting from the Mystery Guest evaluation will lead to the improvement of the service and of the employees’ behaviour towards the guests. When dealing with a good service and with a professional, friendly and kind attitude of the employees, the guests not only will come back, but they will recommend the location to their circle. Thus, there is retention of the guests satisfied by the full service you provide.

Are the employees notified about the visit of Mystery Guest?

Sometimes they are, sometimes they are not. Yet, the objective of the Mystery Guest stays the same. The employees will not know who the “mystery client” is and, even if they are notified about his or her visit, they will not know either the date or the hour. Theoretically, any of the guests entering the location could be the mystery guest. If they are not notified beforehand, it means that the manager or the person in the company who request these services probably wants an evaluation of the daily behaviour of the employees and of their service techniques. In case they are notified, basically is the same evaluation, but it also stimulates an optimal professional conduct constantly, because the employees will be aware to a certain extent about the possibility of serving the respective mystery guest. This decision is made with the employer and the Mystery Guest team, after analysing the existing situation and the evaluation criteria.

What happens with employees who “fail” the Mystery Guest test?

First of all, the Mystery Guest programme or service is not implemented by the company to intimidate the employees or to generate dismissals. The evaluation of the employees is performed especially for stimulating and improving the employees’ behaviour and professional attitude for better guest satisfaction and experience in your location. A beginner employee in hospitality or a new one can have a reckless professional behaviour or there are days when some employees, out of various reasons, cannot fulfil their tasks according to the standards, but these are not reasons for dismissal. The unique purpose of the Mystery Guest evaluation is to improve these behaviours and to stimulate an exceptional professional conduct, which, of course, will be rewarded by the employer.

How many Mystery Guest visits are required for providing a full report?

Each location is different, as are its services, its staff and the expectations of the management team, as well as the complexity level of the report you request. That is why, in order to prepare a most relevant report, we recommend minimum two visits of one of our specialists for locations which are not very large, such as coffee shops, reaching up to several monthly visits for some 5***** hotels.

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